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Jax Chou, L. Ac.

Specializing in pain of any sort and an interest in stomach issues, Jax is our rising star here at Lokahi. One patient said of Jax "I wish I could keep him all to myself"!

Jax was born and raised in Taiwan where his grandfather was the Acupuncturist for a Kung Fu school. As a 3rd generation California-licensed Acupuncturist, Jax has a very real experience and understanding of the amazing effects of Acupuncture. Jax joins Lokahi serving as a pain specialist.


His initial interest in Acupuncture might be said to come from the time he ate too many peanuts which upset his stomach. His Grandfather performed acupuncture on him, and after only a few needles and cupping 10 min on his belly, the pain magically when away. During high school, Jax had a severe inversion ankle twist, and after 2 bags of herbal soak formula, Jax was able to walk from his injury in just 3 days. Needless to say, Jax has an innate sense and understanding of this medicine and what it can address.


Now Jax has become an acupuncturist himself, he has developed a passion in treating pain syndromes both acute and chronic, sports injuries and particularly enjoys plantar fasciitis! He is good at stimulating and promote qi and blood circulation. It is this natural flow with stimulation of the acu-points to boost body's natural endorphins, reduce pain and speed up the healing process. In his treatment, he combines holistic techniques of Tuina manipulation (massage), cupping, auricular acupuncture and herbs.


We highly encourage you to see Jax for his perspective and expertise. 

Jax's patient's adore him! Jax brings an innate understanding and feeling for Acupuncture and herbal medicine. 

Jax's patient's adore him! Jax brings an innate understanding and feeling for Acupuncture and herbal medicine.