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Our Staff of Licensed Acupuncturists each have their own specialties so we can offer a wide variety of acupuncture treatments to address our patient needs.


Our Staff of Licensed Acupuncturists each have their own specialties so we can offer a wide variety of acupuncture treatments to address our patient needs.

Anna Rudel, L. Ac. is the owner and founder of Lokahi Acupuncture. Her passion is working with Fertility patients as well as with Women’s Health. She works with patients trying to get pregnant naturally; those working with Assisted Reproductive Techniques such as IUI, IVF, Frozen Embryo Transfer; and those who have issues such as Luteal Phase Defect or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Katy Barry, L. Ac. works with Male Fertility, Female Fertility and Women’s Health.  Katy has become our resident expert on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), attending the National conference and is working towards publishing a book for both patients and practitioners on the subject. She uses Chinese herbs and Acupuncture to improve the quality, quantity and swimming speed of the sperm to ensure that the couple has the best possible chance at conceiving.

Angel King, L. Ac. focuses much of her practice on Pain and Sports medicine - she loves the immediacy of having a patient feel better, and thrives on figuring out how to best address the issue at hand. Her technique is would be well-suited to those who have been prescribed acupuncture for their pain condition, those who have sustained some sort of sports injury or those for whom it is time to find a real solution to their pain. Angel loves working with migraines and headache syndromes, arthritic conditions, chronic pain and sports injuries.

Cathryn Davidson, L. Ac. joined us to bring an additional perspective to the Fertility arena. She is an accomplished herbalist a deep thinker - never stopping until satisfied that the root is being treated. Her area of expertise is in hypothalmic annovulation, any kind of menstrual cycle irregularity, ovulation issues and Luteal Phase Defect. 

Jax Chou, L. Ac. makes up the pain management team along with Angel King, L. Ac. Jax brings a unique style and insight to his practice - one that patients really resonate with. He is not afraid to reach beyond the usual and think outside the box, with remarkable results. Jax has a particular affinity for plantar fasciitis, along with all pain syndromes/sports injuries, and also enjoys working with internal pain such as stomach pain. 

Ann Marie Deas, L. Ac. brings a unique skill set to Lokahi. Her passion lies in working with the "over 40" population and the more specialized sets of issues that come along with that. Specifically her talents lie with stress management and reduction, insomnia, anxiety, headaches (and TMJ) and hormonal imbalances after 40. She works well with both men and women seeking more balance and health.