Acupuncture for Digestion

The digestive system is fundamentally important to overall health and well-being, and it is important that digestion is working efficiently. When patients come in to Lokahi Acupuncture, we take the time to review their entire health history. If there are indications of gut health problems, we address them as part of our holistic approach to healing.

  • Common symptoms of a sub-optimal digestive system are:
  • ● Bloating
    ● Indigestion
    ● Heartburn or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
    ● Constipation
    ● Diarrhea
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers the body a complex system that is controlled and balanced by both the individual organs and the energetic pathways, or meridians. In order to be healthy and vital, the complex interplay between the two must be achieved. Often there is an imbalance which results in both digestive and more generalized symptoms. As practitioners, we ask our patients about every aspect of their life in order to truly understand what might be going wrong. This is called a holistic approach. Our treatments ensure that we not only address the symptoms our patients come in with, but also address the underlying cause.

  • The digestive system is so intertwined with all aspects of our health, that seemingly unrelated symptoms are common. For example:
  • Fatigue
    Skin problems such as dryness, breakouts or acne
    Aches and pains

When you come for treatment at Lokahi, our approach is:

1. Identify the root cause of the problem. This might involve extensive questioning to find out as much as we can about the problem at hand. We look at your tongue and feel your pulse to see what your body can tell us. We look at your diet, your lifestyle and anything else that might be connected to your problem. 

2. Guide you with treatment. Our treatments depend on many factors such as how comfortable you are with acupuncture. We talk with our patients to determine their level of comfort before each treatment.

3. Support you with a treatment plan. After the first treatment, our patients can expect a plan to be emailed to them via our patient portal. The plan will include treatment duration and frequency. 

4. Finally, it will include any homework a patient might choose to incorporate between sessions.

Contact us to set up a free consultation with one of our practitioners to learn about how Lokahi can help you with your digestive conditions.

Angel has been great to work with on releasing tension in my back. This is the first acupuncture experience and she has helped me ease into it. The combination of cupping, scrapping, and acupuncture has worked well for me.

S. H.

The acupuncture has given me such relief from the pain. I was able to sleep again and not feel the excruciating nerve pain. Anne Marie Deas has been so awesome treating my back pain, helping with stress, and overall making me feel better. Lokahi is a great clinic so peaceful and calming inside. I highly recommend Lokahi Acupuncture!!!

A. M.

I’ve had many opportunities to have acupuncture here and in China.  It’s been my experience that to have good results, you need to find someone really good, who knows what they’re doing! In the south bay area, I have not found anyone better than Lokahi acupuncturists!!

K. D.

My experience at Lokahi has helped build a sense of confidence in myself that I can manage my condition and continue to live a very rewarding and pain free life.  If you’re contemplating acupuncture services, I highly recommend Ann Marie, and Lokahi in general, as I’m certain everyone who works there is just as wonderful given the reviews I read.

K. S.

I’ve been going to lokahi and to Angel a number of times for athletic muscular soreness, some joint pain, deep painful knots etc. I used to visit a chiro and sometimes that worked but was always painful during and many days after. Acupuncture doesn’t hurt and Angel has excellent touch. I don’t know how acupuncture works but it works so I keep going. Highly recommended.

Y. U.

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