Acupuncture for Pain

Most of us have experienced pain at some point in our lives while others live with it every day. For more than a century, acupuncture has been effectively and non-invasively treating all types of pain.

Acupuncture focuses on the underlying cause rather than masking symptoms temporarily. Using the twelve meridians to balance the body’s restorative Qi, acupuncture and Chinese medicine return the body to its natural equilibrium. It facilitates healing by reducing inflammation and swelling, speeding up the healing process, increasing necessary blood flow to the affected area, and providing both immediate and long-term pain relief. In addition, the free and harmonious flow of Qi translates into a feeling of well-being and vitality of the body, mind, and spirit.

At Lokahi, our holistic approach to treating pain may integrate acupuncture, cupping, massage, electrical stimulation, gua sha, dietary changes and herbal medicine. Our goal is to provide swift and successful results for each of our patients.

Contact us to set up a free consultation with one of our practitioners to learn about how Lokahi can help you with your pain.

  • • Migraines and headaches
    • Neck and back pain
    • Nerve pain, including numbness, tingling and shooting sensations
    • Fractures, strains, sprains, bruises and other traumatic injuries
    • Tendonitis
    • Helping broken bones heal and reducing associated pain
    • Post-operative pain
    • Joint pain and arthritis
    • Sore muscles, fibromyalgia
    • Acute and chronic pain
    • Nerve conditions such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, and neuropathy 

Angel has been great to work with on releasing tension in my back. This is the first acupuncture experience and she has helped me ease into it. The combination of cupping, scrapping, and acupuncture has worked well for me.

S. H.

The acupuncture has given me such relief from the pain. I was able to sleep again and not feel the excruciating nerve pain. Anne Marie Deas has been so awesome treating my back pain, helping with stress, and overall making me feel better. Lokahi is a great clinic so peaceful and calming inside. I highly recommend Lokahi Acupuncture!!!

A. M.

I’ve had many opportunities to have acupuncture here and in China.  It’s been my experience that to have good results, you need to find someone really good, who knows what they’re doing! In the south bay area, I have not found anyone better than Lokahi acupuncturists!!

K. D.

My experience at Lokahi has helped build a sense of confidence in myself that I can manage my condition and continue to live a very rewarding and pain free life.  If you’re contemplating acupuncture services, I highly recommend Ann Marie, and Lokahi in general, as I’m certain everyone who works there is just as wonderful given the reviews I read.

K. S.

I’ve been going to lokahi and to Angel a number of times for athletic muscular soreness, some joint pain, deep painful knots etc. I used to visit a chiro and sometimes that worked but was always painful during and many days after. Acupuncture doesn’t hurt and Angel has excellent touch. I don’t know how acupuncture works but it works so I keep going. Highly recommended.

Y. U.