Acupuncture for Stress-related conditions

In San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, stress is accepted as part of our lives. Many of us live in a chronic state of stress, so much so that our health becomes impacted.

Acupuncture as a treatment method shines where stress is the trigger for poor health. The insertion of acupuncture needles allows the body and the nervous system to unwind and recalibrate. With regular treatment, acupuncture can help restore balance and harmony to the body, downgrading the response to the stress trigger and allowing the body to settle into a more healthy state of being.

Since chronic stress can have devastating effects on many aspects of our health, we always screen for your general level of stress regardless of why you visit Lokahi Acupuncture. Using acupuncture for stress is a proven, safe and effective tool not only for managing stress itself, but also for getting at the root of related conditions.

Contact us to set up a free consultation with one of our practitioners to learn about how Lokahi can help you with your stress-related conditions.

I have been a client for a few years and have worked with a number of practitioners. Everyone is awesome at Lokahi. You can not go wrong by choosing anyone. I have referred friends and family and highly recommend this acupuncture group.

L. K.

My first treatment was so alleviating and relaxing. I feel so much better balanced.

R. R.

I’ve had many opportunities to have acupuncture here and in China.  It’s been my experience that to have good results, you need to find someone really good, who knows what they’re doing! In the south bay area, I have not found anyone better than Lokahi acupuncturists!!

K. D.

Everyone is very friendly and my acupuncturist is kind and caring. I have come to rely on acupuncture to help me cope with the stress of my work. Susannah is dedicated to improving my wellbeing and has helped me regain my health.

F. R.

I go here once a week and it is amazing. You leave feeling totally relaxed. Great atmosphere and very professional.

E. M.

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