Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an all-encompassing, continually evolving medical system that originated over 5,000 years ago in ancient China.

According to Chinese medicine, the energy of our body, or Qi, flows in twelve distinct channels called meridians that are linked with each internal organ. By activating the appropriate meridians, TCM treats illness, prevents disease, and enhances the immune system. It has also been found to increase energy, preserve youth, and promote longevity.

Chinese medicine is safe and has no side-effects.

Facilitating balance and healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine supports the body to make natural changes from within. TCM can treat acute and chronic conditions and proves beneficial in many situations where Western medicine may have limited solutions.

Each Lokahi clinician is highly educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine. By observing the patterns and symptoms of a patient, and by identifying the root cause, your practitioner will arrive at a diagnosis. A combination of acupuncture, therapeutic massage, Chinese herbs as well as nutritional and dietary changes may be prescribed to alleviate symptoms.

Herbal medicine is a vital aspect of TCM.

About 50% of Lokahi patients will receive an herbal remedy to support their acupuncture treatment. Chinese herbs are easy to use, have no adverse side effects, and are designed to work in conjunction with your overall treatment to enhance health, promote balance, and encourage the open flow of the body’s Qi.

Lokahi prescribes customized, patented herbs or tinctures formulated specifically for each individual patient. We work directly with two reputable companies here in the United States – Conceivables and Kan Herb Company. Both use only the highest quality, professional grade tinctures and Chinese herbs.

By adhering to rigorous current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), they guarantee the purest, safest, best-in-class formularies. Manufactured in California, Conceivables and Kan follow strict standards to formulate consistent and effective herbal remedies utilizing state-of-the-art technology and methodology.

For the convenience of our patients, Lokahi offers an online dispensary. Your clinician will write a prescription, which you can get filled at the pharmacy near our clinic or we encourage you to use the dispensary on our website.


I love the relaxing atmosphere and look forward to every appointment. Katy will follow up after a session by recommending herbs or other supplements that may enhance her treatments.

C. D.

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