San Jose Licensed Acupuncturist Andrea Geige

Andrea Geiger, L.Ac.

Fertility, Anxiety, Women’s health.

Andrea Geiger, LAc., DTCM has been working at Lokahi since May of 2019.

Andrea works with a wide range of reproductive issues for patients trying to conceive naturally or in collaboration with assisted reproductive technology (ART). She specializes in fertility and women’s health including; polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), hormone balance, and pregnancy. She also works with clients struggling with stress and anxiety, trauma, insomnia, neck and back pain, and headaches.

Andrea brings a sincere inquisitive nature and genuine sense of compassion to her work at Lokahi. Her journey toward a career in helping others began with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. After working in the mental health field for 10 years, she was drawn toward another modality of healing through massage and bodywork. After over 13 years of work and training as a massage therapist, Reiki Master and Trager practitioner, Andrea discovered acupuncture while seeking help with conceiving her son. She felt the years of experience fall into place with the integrative approach of Chinese Medicine. Andrea is now a Doctor and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University.

Andrea is passionate about the relationship between the physical, mental and emotional components to wellness. She treats the whole body system in order to address the effects of stress on the body including infertility, anxiety and pain.

Andrea’s practice has a wide range of influences. Training from her TCM externship in China at Zhejiang Hospital offered exposure to the breadth of conditions that can be treated with the variety of modalities in Chinese medicine such as; moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, and herbs. Her TCM externship at Janus Drug and Alcohol treatment center further opened her mind to the direct application of this medicine on our country’s epidemic opioid crisis. She understands and has compassion for the impact of addiction on individuals and families. Andrea’s personal spiritual and meditation practice informs her treatments. She believes that healing begins with a grounded presence and feeling of safety which allows for potential growth and change. She loves to help patients feel at ease and is continually inspired by witnessing emotional, physical and spiritual shifts in patients.

Having found hope through acupuncture and herbs in her own journey with fertility, Andrea is invested in helping others in the area of reproductive health. She is called to work in this particular area because she understands the importance of wanting to have a child. She feels honored to walk with patients through this trying yet joyful process.

Andrea enjoys hiking, swimming, listening to live music and playing games with family and friends.

I had my first visit with Andrea Geiger and my experience can be summed up with a “thumbs-up”. She was very thorough with her in-take and she really listens to the discomfort that I was experiencing. We’ve set a game plan for treatment moving forward. Overall, I felt welcomed, relaxed and in great hands. Thank you Andrea! I will be back for more treatments in the future.

E. A.

I started feeling better after just one treatment. I’ve had two treatments. I’d been reaching out to doctor, allergy specialist and ENT for the past 2 years & they have failed tremendously. I started losing hope that I’ll ever feel ok without  medication or antibiotics because they thought maybe it’ll resolve my symptoms.  Acupuncture has helped me relax & I can’t wait to continue bettering my pain & stress. Andrea is very pleasant & makes me actually feel cared about. Something I’ve been seeking from my medical team & so called specialists. I’m feeling hopeful again thanks to the treatments.

L. S.

Andrea was great! Kind, caring, patient and very professional. Super appreciate her honesty and caring concern. Felt super relaxed after acupuncture. Great listener. C.H.

C. H.

Andrea was so caring and encouraging!

S. Z.

Andrea was really patient with my many questions and made sure my first time experience was enjoyable and relaxing. Thank you, Andrea!

H. Z.

Andrea is an exceptionally good acupuncturist. She has a calm, soothing demeanor, and exudes the confidence of someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in her profession. She began the treatment session by asking me a few questions in order to get to know me better, and ascertain how best to treat me. Once I was on the treatment bed she assured me that she would be gentle with me. After the needles were in place, she went and got me an extra sheet and a foot warmer, so I could rest comfortably during my treatment. She gave me a bell in case I needed anything, then left me with some relaxing music to accompany my treatment. When she returned to remove the needles, she explained how to take the herbs that I requested to further my healing process. All in all, an excellent treatment experience. I look forward to more of the same!

N. Z.