San Jose Licensed Acupuncturist Lara McQuade

Lara McQuade

Chronic Pain, Oncology and Bell’s Palsy

Lara McQuade has been working as a clinical acupuncturist for 17 years. Before coming to Lokahi Acupuncture, she worked at Kaiser Permanente for 12 years with a specialization in treating chronic pain. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Health and Sciences. She earned her Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in a 4-year program at Five Branches University, with specialized training in Integrative Medicine.

Lara treats all types of pain, but her areas of special interest are headache and neck pain, neurological conditions, back pain, nerve impingement, shoulder pain, palliative care, research, and pain conditions related to oncology and/or the side effects of oncology treatments. Lara continually sharpens her skills by attending continuing education courses and keeping up to date on current research. She is an active member of the Society for Acupuncture Research.

Lara’s favorite things about being a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine are the ability to spend enough time with patients to hear what is truly going on for them, being able to provide a care environment that feels safe, relaxing and dignified for the patient, and treating the patient as a whole person. In her free time, Lara likes to go for hikes in nature with her family, go camping in the mountains, garden, cook, knit, and play the fiddle.

Lara is the best acupuncturist I’ve ever seen. She is caring and treats the whole person…her knowledgeable base is large and I am so happy she’s at your clinic now! The best of the best!

I. M.

Lara is amazing….thank you for healing me. Layers of pain & hatred are taken off me. Major improvements to my back and hand are noticed and greatly appreciated.

J. T. 

As a patient, who’s going through a very rough patch filled with a lot of pain, discomfort and anxiety, I truly appreciate the fact that I was given the chance to unload all my problems and worries without being rushed! Laura listened to my complaints and expressed a true desire to do everything in her power to help me. Just that alone filled me with the hope and determination to go through the treatment. There is nothing more effective then believing in positive outcome!

R. T. 

My first appointment with Lara and she was amazing. She explained everything that is to be done and is very thorough. She also helped me feel much better!

T. P.

Coming into the appointment I had high anxiety and stress. I left the session feeling completely relaxed and in a more clear head space than I’ve been in many years. I’m super impressed thus far, and I look forward to my follow up appointment! Thank you!

J. S.