Yun Hee Hong, L.Ac. | San Jose Acupuncturist

Yun Hee Hong, L.Ac.

Fertility, IVF, Pain

Yun Hee Hong, L. Ac. has been helping fertility patients prepare for their pregnancy journeys for many years. In addition to supporting natural conception, Yun Hee works closely with IVF and IUI patients. In advance of an egg retrieval, she can help improve egg quality and quantity, and before either a fresh or frozen embryo transfer, she assists patients to increase chances of implantation.

In addition, Yun Hee provides prenatal and postpartum care to help new moms enjoy a healthy life. Yun Hee loves to use Celluma™ light therapy to enhance her fertility treatments.

Yun Hee also has over a decade of experience in pain management treatments, including neck, shoulder, arm, lower back, and sciatica pain. In the Bay Area, many people are under considerable stress and work long hours. She helps these patients achieve lifestyle pain relief and muscle relaxation using gentle and painless Japanese acupuncture.