Your Team

Each of our Licensed Acupuncturists has their own specialties, allowing us to offer a wide variety of acupuncture treatments. At Lokahi, we believe in a collaborative approach, utilizing the experience and skill of our entire staff to ensure every patient receives a treatment program tailored specifically to them and their unique needs.

Founded in 2003 by Anna Rudel L. Ac., today Lokahi is one of the largest acupuncture clinics in Silicon Valley. All of our practitioners are licensed acupuncturists (L. Ac.) and graduates of Five Branches University, a nationally accredited college offering degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This continuity of education provides a unique foundation upon which our team is built.

Collaboration is at the core of Lokahi. We harness the collective knowledge, experience, and resources of our clinicians to arrive at the best possible treatment for each of our patients. As a result of this team approach, patients may see multiple specialists to ensure their unique symptoms receive the well-rounded care they require.

Lokahi clinicians also work closely with fertility specialists around the Bay Area to gain hands-on experience and remain up-to-date on all of the latest procedures. This in-depth understanding allows us to provide the best possible program to support your overall fertility program.