Smriti Shamapant, San Jose Acupuncturist

Smriti Shamapant L.Ac, DACM

Pain, Pediatric Care and Facial Rejuvenation.

Smriti Shamapant L.Ac has been working at Lokahi since September 2023.

Smriti Shamapant is a dedicated practitioner of Chinese Medicine with a unique blend of expertise in pain, pediatric care, and facial rejuvenation. Her academic journey began at UC Davis, delving deep into the intricacies of Neurology and human development. Building upon this foundation, she earned both a master’s and doctorate degree from the Pacific College of  Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA.

Smriti’s career trajectory has taken her to the forefront of medical integration, seamlessly weaving complementary and alternative medicine into the fabric of traditional biomedical care. She worked at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) with inpatient palliative care, focusing on the Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ICU, Cardiovascular ICU, Oncology, and Rare Disease units. Her approach is both pragmatic and holistic, intricately formulating treatment strategies encompassing a patient’s well-being. Notably, she thrives in effective communication with her patients’ physicians and other medical professionals when necessary.

Recognizing that pain is an integral part of the human experience, rooted even in our DNA, Smriti is committed to making a difference by addressing it through acupuncture, aiming to provide relief and improve lives. Additionally, she is a certified specialist in holistic facial rejuvenation, fusing timeless Eastern techniques with contemporary advancements that help people look and feel their best.

With a deep commitment to her ongoing education in medicine, Smriti deftly combines Eastern wisdom and bio-medicine, recognizing the significance of each approach. Her nuanced understanding of the interaction between internal and external energies empowers patients to achieve holistic well-being. She believes the most optimal form of healthcare is one that combines multiple modalities and techniques.

When not immersed in her clinical work, Smriti finds herself mostly outside the house – whether camping, showering dogs with affection, or savoring generous helpings of mac & cheese!

JB is amazing! I came to Lokahi in a lot of pain and over some time working with JB my pain is not only manageable, it is almost non existent. I would wholeheartedly recommend JB and the entire staff at Lokahi clinic. Thank you JB for all that you have done for me! I totally appreciate you

A. G.

I can’t believe how well the acupuncture worked for my shoulder pain. I would recommend seeing JB Kim to absolutely anyone! Can’t wait for my next appointment! Thank you!

L. R.

JB was very thorough in his examination of me and asked lots of questions. He did some cupping and guasha and trigger point therapy along with some acupuncture needles. After my session I felt immediate relief in my right neck and shoulder. It was my first session and I can’t wait for my next few sessions with JB. He is very knowledgable and I recommend you try him.

A. V.

JB really pays attention to details or my pain and he goes beyond to ensure that the 1 hr treatment give me utmost relief. Thanks so much JB!