5 Tips for Trying to Conceive Naturally

5 Tips for Trying to Conceive Naturally

We often hear the phrase “I never thought it could be this hard.” Trying to conceive naturally can be a challenge, but you can give yourself the best possible chance with a few tips.

Here are our 5 top tips for trying to conceive naturally.

Know your cycle

We are taught in school that ovulation occurs on day 14 of a 28-day cycle. What we are not taught is that we are rarely “textbook” beings. Many women do not ovulate on cycle day 14, nor do they have 28-day cycles.

The best way to know more about your cycle is to track ovulation. By far the most popular way to track your cycle is with an app, but tracking the old fashioned way on paper is just as effective. Cycle day 1 is the first day of your period. Begin by tracking the number of days between cycle day 1, and the start of your next period, or the next cycle day 1.

Once you have a few months of data, you will likely start to notice one of three patterns.

First, you may have a predictable, regular cycle.

Second, you may have an irregular length cycle that is somewhat predictable.

Third, you may have an erratic, unpredictable cycle length.

Cycle tracking provides useful information to help predict when, or if, you’re ovulating, and thus informs the best time to have intercourse. Cycle tracking can also help diagnose potential causes for a difficulty in conceiving.

Eat well

When we are trying to conceive, our cells are the building blocks upon which to start new life. Our cells require a diverse range of nutrients in order to create and sustain new life. They also need to be protected by antioxidants. Additionally fat is a major building block of our hormones.

A general rule of thumb to eat well for fertility is a diet with protein, healthy fat and vegetables at every meal and as few processed foods as possible. We will be dedicating an entire blog post to this topic in the future!

Take care of yourself

No one expects you to be in some kind of stress-free vortex while you try and conceive. However, there is no doubt that excess stress on your body can complicate matters. Recommendations here are common-sense.

Don’t sign up for your very first marathon. Don’t take on extra responsibilities at work or at home if you have the choice. Do try and prioritize rest, balance and well-being during this time.

Take your vitamins

At a minimum, take a prenatal vitamin. For most people that won’t be enough. Many of our patients come in, completely overwhelmed, with bags full of supplements. A trained professional can review your supplement needs with you.

It is important to know what vitamins you should take, and why.

Get checked out

Each partner is 50% of the conception equation. For heterosexual partners trying to conceive naturally, both partners can undergo a fertility workup to make sure nothing is impeding conception. It is important to take this step if you have been trying to conceive for a few months because there could be issues that need treatment before conception can happen.

These tips are by no means an exhaustive list.

This is a place to start when preparing to conceive naturally for optimal success. As fertility specialists, we believe that if you are going to spend the time, energy and money to come and work with us, you deserve to have every opportunity to succeed in becoming pregnant.

We invite you to make an appointment or speak to one of our fertility specialists.

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