What Can You Do About a Breech Baby

By Juliet Tablac, DC – Los Gatos Wellness

You just found out your baby is breech….

This can be worrisome, especially while you are preparing for all that comes with giving birth and bringing your little one into the world!

The good news is there are many ways to help manage a breech baby naturally!

Modalities like acupuncture, exercises, and getting chiropractic care, specifically, The Webster Technique, can help indirectly with the baby’s position.

How does the Webster Technique work?

The Webster Technique is designed explicitly for pregnant patients! This technique was created to help balance the joints, muscles and ligaments of the pelvis.

Specifically your SI joints (the two joints on either side of your sacrum (big triangular bone at the back of the pelvis), your pubic symphysis (the joint at the front of your pelvis), your psoas or hip flexor muscles, your round ligament and sacrotuberous ligament.

How does balancing all of these help anyway?

You can think of your uterus like a hot air ballon and your pelvis as the basket of the balloon.

If there are tight, joints, muscle or ligaments on any sides of the hot air balloon it can pull on the the balloon, make the shape different or change the even floating motion of the balloon (uterus).

The Uterus is Like a Hot Air Balloon The Uterus is Like a Hot Air Balloon 2

By balancing all of the joints, muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, the uterus has a more balanced position and that allows baby more freedom and space to turn on its own!

The Webster Technique is very gentle and is ideal when working with the more hyper mobile (due to the hormone relaxin) pregnant population.

Bonus! You can get The Webster Technique done even when your baby isn’t breech!!

It helps with all kinds of pregnancy related aches and pains like SI joint pain, pubic symphysis pain, hip pain, low back pain and helps create a spacious and balanced environment for baby.

We love working with pregnant mama’s and helping them achieve optimal health both for themselves and baby. Please reach out with any questions and let us know how we can help you!

By Juliet Tablac, DC – Los Gatos Wellness


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