The Rise of Mineral-Based Makeup

The Rise of Mineral-Based Makeup: A Natural Choice for Beauty Enthusiasts

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, the demand for more natural and skin-friendly products has led to a surge in popularity of mineral-based makeup. This trend, which emphasizes the use of pure, earth-derived ingredients, has captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike.

But what exactly is mineral-based makeup, and why is it becoming a staple in so many makeup bags? 

Mineral-based makeup is formulated from naturally occurring minerals, unlike conventional makeup, which can contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives. 

Key Ingredients in Mineral-Based Makeup

  • Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide: These minerals are known for their sun-protective properties, providing natural SPF and protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. They also possess anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for sensitive skin types.
  • Mica: This mineral adds a subtle shimmer to makeup products, giving the skin a radiant glow. It is often used in foundations, blushes, and eyeshadows to enhance luminosity.
  • Iron Oxides: These pigments are responsible for the wide range of colors available in Mineral-based makeup. They are safe, non-toxic, and offer excellent coverage.
  • Kaolin Clay: Often included in mineral powders to absorb excess oil and reduce shine, kaolin clay helps control oily skin and provides a matte finish.

Importance of Mineral-Based Makeup After Microneedling or Facial Acupuncture

Microneedling and facial acupuncture are popular treatments for rejuvenating the skin, enhancing collagen production, and addressing various skin concerns such as fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. These procedures can increase the skin’s absorption rate by up to 3000%, making it crucial to use mineral-based and natural makeup products to avoid absorbing harmful chemicals.

After microneedling or facial acupuncture, the skin can be particularly delicate, making Mineral-based makeup essential due to its gentle, chemical-free formulation that is less likely to cause irritation. Its breathable, non-comedogenic properties ensure it does not clog pores, preventing breakouts and supporting the healing process.

The zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in Mineral-based makeup provide natural anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing the skin, reducing redness, and promoting faster recovery. Additionally, the natural SPF in these minerals offers protection against UV damage, preventing further harm and pigmentation issues. Mineral-based makeup’s clean and simple ingredients further promote healing by avoiding additional irritants, maintaining the benefits of microneedling and facial acupuncture for optimal results.

Recommended Mineral-Based Makeup Brands


Product to Try: Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15

Why It’s Great: One of the pioneers in Mineral-based makeup, BareMinerals offers a wide range of products known for their purity and skin-friendly ingredients. This foundation provides buildable coverage and a natural, luminous finish.

Jane Iredale:

Product to Try: PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation SPF 20

Why It’s Great: This brand focuses on clean, mineral-based formulations that enhance natural beauty while caring for the skin. The PurePressed Base offers a semi-matte finish and is available in a variety of shades.

Alima Pure:

Product to Try: Satin Matte Foundation

Why It’s Great: Known for its high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients, Alima Pure provides a luxurious range of Mineral-based makeup options. The Satin Matte Foundation is lightweight, buildable, and perfect for everyday wear.

Lily Lolo:

Product to Try: Mineral Foundation SPF 15

Why It’s Great: A British brand that delivers beautiful, natural-looking Mineral-based makeup with a commitment to cruelty-free and eco-friendly practices. This foundation offers a smooth finish and long-lasting wear.

Inika Organic:

Product to Try: Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 25

Why It’s Great: Inika Organic combines the benefits of Mineral-based makeup with certified organic ingredients. Their Loose Mineral Foundation provides excellent coverage and a natural finish, suitable for all skin types.

This article is written by Smriti Shamapant, DACM, LAc, Dipl OM. She is a dedicated Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Lokahi Acupuncture, with a unique blend of expertise in facial rejuvenation, pain, and pediatric care. Feel free to reach her at for assistance in choosing the right treatment to meet your unique needs.

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