Endometriosis - Can Acupuncture Help?

Endometriosis – Can Acupuncture Help?

Living with endometriosis can be extremely painful and cause symptoms such as bloating, gastric distress and infertility.

Endometriosis results from 3 main imbalances in the body: 

  • hormone imbalance
  • immune dysfunction
  • inflammation

In order to address endometriosis fully, we must address each of these imbalances. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a great tool since it can support healing in each of these areas.

Hormone Imbalance

High estrogen levels are seen in patients with endometriosis. However, the fix is not as simple as adding birth control or other hormonal treatment to balance things out. We have to determine why the body is making so much estrogen.

Acupuncture works with Chinese herbs in the body in a multi-dimensional way. Using a combination of acupuncture needles with Chinese herbal formulas, treatment brings the whole body back into a homeostasis, or balance, including the balance of hormones.

Immune Dysfunction

A large component of endometriosis is immune dysfunction and dysregulation. There is some debate as to whether it’s an autoimmune condition, but we do know/suspect that the immune system is working overtime in cases of endometriosis.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help calm the immune system from overreacting, which is also why acupuncture is effective for allergies. Regular treatment can bring the body back into equilibrium, allowing for a more optimal immune response.


“Inflammation” is not a word used frequently in Chinese Medicine. However, it does serve to illustrate that the body exhibits signs of heat and toxicity in those with endometriosis.  When the body is on “high alert”, a host of other symptoms result, such as pain all over the body, bloating, indigestion and thyroid issues. The goal of Chinese Medicine is calming the body and bringing it back to a more balanced and stable state. We typically work with a combination of acupuncture, diet, Chinese herbs and supplements to coax the body into a happier state.

So, Can Acupuncture help?

A well-trained acupuncturist can be extremely helpful in interrupting the dysregulation in your body, relieving symptoms and pain, and getting you on the right track with diet, herbs and nutritional supplements.

Additionally, a practitioner with experience with endometriosis can help refer you to local Western medicine specialists for a holistic approach. If you are interested in chatting with one of our practitioners, you can book a free online consultation here.

More Resources

One of our favorite resources for educating patients on endometriosis and how it affects the female hormonal system is Lara Briden . Another fabulous resource with actionable recipes and food plans is Katie Edmonds’s book: The 4-Week Endometriosis Diet Plan.

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